Animal House


With a change of season, a new horizon sheds a (dark) light upon us.

The XXI century marks the resurrection of ALICESON COOPER, with a theatrical approach like none other.

ALICESON COOPER will lure you into his nightmare of hit songs and theatrics. Mixing the raw energy of the studio albums with the musical settings of his live shows, ALICESON COOPER will haunt your soul like you have never witnessed before.

Featuring No More Mr. Nice Guy, Rick ‘’Cooper‘’ as Alice
Cooper, Master of the Skins: André ‘’The Instigator‘’ Aubin,
Guitar Wizards: Andy ‘’The Kid’’ Van Ali, Pat ‘’Electric’’
Laramée and last but not the least, on the bottom end
rumble, none other than Mr. Dick ‘’The Grim Reaper‘’ Thério
on bass.

ALICESON COOPER will carry you through the entire career
of one of the most prolific stage acts of shock rock
you have ever dared to attend.
From ‘’Welcome To My Nightmare’’, to ‘’Poison’’, to
‘’School’s Out’’ and everything else before, between
and beyond, your content will certainly be assured by
the wide array of ALICESON COOPER’S musical score.

Let us make your (bad) dreams come through…