Aliceson Vampires


Aliceson Cooper is proud to be announcing that the family is expanding.
Please welcome Aliceson Vampires. Paying tribute to the Hollywood Vampires, Aliceson Vampires
recreates in detail the look, the sound and stage presence of the Hollywood Vampires.

Composed of Rick Cooper on vocals, Andy Van Ali on guitar, Patrick Laramée on guitar, Dick Thério
on bass and André Aubin on drums. Aliceson Vampires is a side-projet inspired by Aliceson Cooper.

Aliceson Vampires will continue to play the greatest hits of Alice Cooper plus some of the original
songs from the Hollywood Vampires themselves. Aliceson Vampires will also be integrating the best
rock songs to the savor of the Vampires, with groups such as, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith.

Aliceson Vampires offers an alternative for venues where the grandiose deployment of decors of
Aliceson Cooper is not possible, as well as being an opening act for Aliceson Cooper. Be reassured,
the energy and musicality will never be compromised with this new configuration. After only a few
practices in our studio, our motto was soon locked in … And it is … ” In Your Face ”. Thank
you and we hope to see you soon (at night) because that’s where the Vampires are at their best.
Aliceson Vampires