After a successful advancement, touring behind the 1st release “Pocket Change”, which included an opening slot with Iron Maiden, touring North America, and landing the track ‘Milldog Blues’ in the new Cuba Gooding Jr movie “The Hitlist,” released  ”Backseat Surprise,” their second effort at the med 2010s. This record is diverse, incorporating the band’s familiar rock and blues feel along with the darkness and heaviness of tracks like “Hurts To Be Alive” and the Zeppelin-like “Down To The Bone”. Also in the mix is the pop rock “Rock It Together” and the dark bluesy “Livin Bitter Better” and “Sweaty Hand of Fate.”  Remaining tracks “Porno Queen” “Forty Five” “Bona Fide” and “Loose Lips” are straight up pure sleeze concert Rock & Roll music. “Backseat Surprise” is produced and engineered by Greg Looper (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / Mudcrutch), recorded in Toronto, Canada and co-produced by Darrell Millar and mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound in NYC. Having some down time in 2019-2021, due to Covid-19, the band is back writing and ready to perform life once again. The band boasts to have the original line up in tact since 2004. was formed by writing partners Darrell “DWaRf” Millar (vocals) and Carleton Lockhart (guitar) —  a  pure, 70’s/80’s influenced kick-ass ‘rawk’ band in the spirit of Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, among others. Their distinctive, upbeat brand of modern classic rock can best be described as coming straight out of a time capsule, yet it’s altogether fresh, current and timeless.

Darrell is internationally renowned as the former drummer for the multi-million selling hard rock act KILLER DWARFS, as well as for Nikki Sixx-produced southern rock act LAIDLAW. As one of the most high-profile and well-travelled drummers of the 80s-90s hard rock era, he’s shared concert stages worldwide with Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, ZZTop, Pantera, Lynyrd Skynyrd and several others. In forming AUTOMAN,he abandoned the drums for frontman duties.  It’s his high-energy, ‘welcome-to-the-party!’ persona that fuels AUTOMAN’s performances both live and on record.

Carleton has been mesmerizing musicians and fans alike for years with his unique style of playing pick-less, left-handed and upside-down. Those who witness his stellar performances are astounded. Undoubtedly, Carleton’s incomparable approach to guitar is a key ingredient of the sound. is rounded out with bassist John Fenton and drummer Adrian Cavan. Touring extensively throughout North America has polished the band into a tight, highly entertaining professional act. Via thousands of hits to the band’s various websites, they’ve amassed

both local and worldwide recognition, which led to a successful run of AUTOMAN’s 2009 debut “Pocket Change”. online presence is strong and on the rise. / receives 25 to 40,000 quality hits a month.  /20000 + listens to the music & steaming upward every day. / U Tube &  Facebook Automan fan site 1000s of visits / First singles will be worked at all rock radio outlets throughout The United States – Several high quality HD videos can be seen on the bands YouTube channel.  The previous record achieved over 300 net radio adds/FM AOR and “Backseat Surprise” will surpass this due to its diversity.


  1. Livin Bitter Better 6. Sweaty Hand Of Fate
  2. Rock It Together 7. Hurts To Be Alive
  3. Loose Lips 8. Down To The Bone
  4. Forty-Five 9. Porno Queen
  5. Bona fide

For More information contact – Darrell Millar