CRUED delivers ultra high energy show with the look & sound of Motley Crue using backdrops & costumes straight from the albums & tours of Motley Crue’s long lush history.

CRUED has performed with Vince Neil of Motley Crue as well as with John Corabi on 3 occasions , in 2014 CRUED performed on The KISS Kruise 4 , we have appeared on FOX TV in Rochester and performed at Vince Neil’s Tatuado in Las Vegas , on Hollywood Blvd. on a mountain top in Whistler BC and across Canada and the USA ., On YOU TUBE, CRUED has : The Most Viewed Musicians – of the day for 3 consecutive days reaching the # 14 spot The Most Viewed Musicians # 31 The Most Viewed Musicians – # 9 That’s pretty damn good for a Tribute band after hitting # 8 The Most Viewed Musicians – Canada of the week, the week before! Kickstart My Heart live video reached # 9 on the most viewed videos of the day Thanks to all those that spread the word, that watched, and that posted the videos around the internet.

We couldn’t do it without you! YOU ROCK!!! You can see the mayhem for yourself.