Rammstime is a Canadian band that pays tribute to the German band Rammstein, known for its rock musical pieces and incendiary staging.

Rammstein, whose songs are mostly written in German, is the most renowned German-speaking band with 17 million albums sold worldwide.

In 2009, Rammstein was back on North American soil for a tour after a 10-year absence from the continent. Between 2009 and 2012, the German sextet performed no less than four times on a Quebec stage, including at the 2010 Quebec City Summer Festival where the group made a highly noticed appearance, attracting some 130,000 spectators. The RAMMstein In Amerika DVD released in September 2015 features the band’s concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City, in addition to offering a documentary about the epic journey of the band’s band members across America.

Following this huge North American success, Rammstime set out to pay tribute to the now legendary German band in order to satisfy the growing appetite of the band’s many fans.

Rammstime, a tribute to Rammstein, is on a mission to reproduce the best rock pieces of the German favorite band, in addition to animating the stage with flamboyant theatrical effects and fiery visuals.