After The Gold Rush
The Ultimate Neil Young Experience


Neil Young is one of the most recognizable and enduring
figures in modern music history.

The combination of his totally unique voice, his deeply
personal lyrics along with the wide range of instrumentation that
he employs in creating his music makes for one of the most
distinctive and compelling sounds in the world of popular

With a focus on Neil’s younger days, ‘After The Gold Rush’
brings the closest sonic and visual performance to the real
experience available.

It’s all there…the voice, the sound, the songs and the sights.
In theatre settings, an ‘After The Gold Rush’ show includes
awesome 3D visual elements bringing to life the psychedelia of
the early 1970’s west coast epoch. A virtual musical walk
through of a very important time in popular music that should
not be missed!

‘After The Gold Rush’ is fronted by Andrew Sansone
performing as “The Loner”. With over 20 years as a professional
musician and playing multiple instruments Andrew provides
audiences of all ages the dynamic and emotional musical
experience that you would expect from Neil Young himself.

The backing band members are all professional seasoned
musicians from the Greater Toronto area and have played
literally 1000’s of shows at various festivals, theatres and night

Keep On Rockin In The Free World.