Sandman. Tribute, Licensed By Metallica



SANDMAN, the only Metallica sanctioned tribute band, has been blowing audiences away since 1994. Band members Rick Van Dyk (lead vocals and lead/rhythm guitar), Joe Di Taranto (lead/rhythm guitar and vocals), Paulo Fonseca (bass and vocals), Brent Niemi (drums), collectively have a lifetime of musical experience playing and recording with recognized bands such as Helix, Honeymoon Suite, Headstones, Anvil, Warmachine, Russ Dwarf of Killer Dwarfs, Darren Smith of Harem Scarem/Red Dragon Cartel, as well as Classic Albums Live.

After a curious series of events in early 2016, the members of Metallica gave SANDMAN their blessing to pay tribute to their music, resulting in a momentous meeting at Toronto’s famed Opera House in November 2016.

Sandman plays regularly at venues throughout Canada and the United States.