Red Hot Canadian Peppers


The legendary RHCP have been sending out chart topping vibes in the form of hardcore funk, melodic rock ballads, and pop-laiden alt-jams since 1983. Not many bands can stay so good for so long, with so many beloved hits spanning nearly a half-century:

This Toronto and KW-based tribute group celebrate the breadth of the Frusciante-era classics, and run the gamut across all 12 full length studio albums:

Your host Patty-Flow (namesake; Tony Flow) delivers a beautiful balance of boldly-spat raps of the Keidis vernacular & a double-take-worthy clean vocal sound of the signature voice we know so well… setting up the rest of the band for success to replicate the unmistakable sound that we recognize in an instant:

Itamar Frusciante’s screaming solos through the iconic Stratocaster and a pedal board resembling an Air-traffic control switchboard – coupled with Brayden’s incredible plucking and slapping techniques iconic to Flea and only Flea… it is 100% realistic to think that when Ben-Jammin seals the deal with the Chad Smith attitude on the drum kit; that anyone walking by might think it’s actually the band playing inside…

You HAVE TO have this band on your next line up – 3 hours of greatest hits and favourites and 50 more funky licks and deep cuts to entertain the crowd – even request an entire album (BSSM, Californication) – the Red Hot Canadian Peppers are a no-brainer this year to celebrate the return of normality to the world, and they deliver with unapologetic energy and accuracy. Funk Ya!