Complete TOOL Experience

Parabolus, A Tool Tribute

A faithful adaptation in homage to the long legacy of the legendary genre-defying band that is TOOL. An honest interpretation from four warriors, deeply influenced and hailing from Montreal, Canada.

From Toolshed to Fear Inoculum

Covering songs from all the Albums: Toolshed, Opiate, Undertow, Aenema, Salival, Lateralus, 10 000 Days & Fear Inoculum.

An Immersive Live Experience

Parabolus is proud to present an authentic and vibrant tribute to the legendary band that is TOOL. The four members are inspired by their technically complex yet emotionally powerful music, their visual arts, philosophy and of course their unmatched live shows.

From the die hard fans to the casual listeners who haven’t got the chance to see them live yet. Parabolus is dedicated 100% to recreate the closest experience of going to one of TOOL’s concerts to the best of our abilities.

Our setlist include TOOL’s famous songs but also a number of deeper cuts that have been repeatedly proven to satisfy everyone from casual to obsessive Tool fans. You want the sound, gears and ambience  of the actual band? We’ve done the research and tracked down what was needed to give you the best possible experience. Open your Third Eye and prepare to be amazed!

Parabolus is:

Vocals & Keyboards : Gilbert (As Maynard James Keenan)

Guitar : Simon (As Adam Jones)

Bass : Martin (As Justin Chancellor)

Drums & Percussions : James (As Danny Carey)

Spiral Out with Parabolus!

A public venue, a festival, or any event, take your pick; the band is well prepared and ready at all times, with an unparalleled level of professionalism and adaptability.