Bon Jovi Forever


Rock & Roll is still alive and the music of Bon Jovi proves it year after year.
Paying homage to one of his favourite groups of all time, Bon Jovi Forever was
founded in 2002 by lead singer, Baz Littlerock and the band has been
entertaining Bon Jovi fans across Canada ever since.
Based out of Oshawa, Ontario, the group is known and loved in the Durham
Region and across the GTA and have been featured on many media outlets in
Toronto over their 12 years of existence. With numerous reoccurring bar, club
and theatre dates, as well as outdoor summer festivals and many special event
shows, Bon Jovi Forever provides one amazing stage experience.

Each of the five band members assumes and commits to the role of the
character that they take on while on stage. From the stage set up to the
signature moves, they capture all of the elements that go into a Bon Jovi
concert, bringing a highly accurate recreation of the Bon Jovi experience to

From the iconic smash hits of the 80’s to the fist pumping sounds of the 90’s,
and even covering through to today’s newest hits, Bon Jovi Forever is
dedicated to paying tribute to this amazing rock and roll band. If the fans
request it, they learn and perform it. Their huge catalogue of Bon Jovi songs is
nothing short of impressive.

With a lead singer who sounds identical to that of Jon Bon Jovi, hitting every
note imaginable, you have to hear it to believe it. Baz can hit those notes that
only a young Jon Bon Jovi could successfully hit.

Bon Jovi Forever delivers the album-sound of all of the classics hits and
arena-staple songs and even the rare songs that Bon Jovi themselves haven’t
played live for years. Whether it’s an incredible riff, a talk-box solo or an
unplugged, acoustic duet, this tribute band’s sound will amaze you.

Bon Jovi Forever is committed to bringing you the best Bon Jovi tribute show
out there. Delivering hit after hit, taking requests on the spots and even
playing those rare tracks that the true fans love, Bon Jovi Forever deliver
every time they perform and will never disappoint. The energy at a Bon Jovi
Forever show is comparable to the real thing and they will leave everyone
coming back for more.

Available shows include the full band, track-style Vegas show, Jon & Richie
acoustic-style or solo acoustic as well.
More than just a tribute band, Bon Jovi Forever brings the excitement of a
real Bon Jovi show mixed with one of the most high-energy performances and
fan-friendly shows you will ever see.